Battlegrounds options

Its possible to remove some option from Battlegrounds menu (H), for example Warsong Gulch? I know its possible to disable them, but I need learn players other battlegrounds, and if they see warsong option in menu and they cannot join (becouse its disabled - I know there is information message about disable, but players are stupid…), they thinking about not working battleground or something else.

I know that there is gossip option in ScriptedGossip.h:

#define GOSSIP_TEXT_WARSONGULCH         "Warsong Gulch"

but its not used in other file, than this.

Sorry for my english, thanks.

Before the ppl on my server only played WS, then i told the ppl to use random bg and since then every one uses random bg /emoticons/default_smile.png

I tried it too, but unfortunately the players probably know just Warsong Gulch, so I want try to edit battleground menu (and delete wsg, or I can delete all, instead RTB :-)), but I dont know, if its possible and how can I do it.

It’s client side, you can just disable it but you can’t remove it from the menu, except by modifying the client.

Why dont you just disable it from SQL base?Wont this be enough?

OK, thanks for answers. When I disabled all BGs except RGB, will it work? If yes, can I disable some not working bgs (AV, IoC) from RGB? Thanks.

If you disable a BG via the database, I’d presume that BG wouldn’t “pop” in RBG would it?

I dont know, its why I’m asking. Can someone experienced to answer? Thanks you :wink:

yeah if u disable a bg in database it wont pop in RBG