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Please, welcome: World of Warcraft Community Site.

This is PHP-written engine which allows you to browser WoW characters, guilds, items, etc. Currently only Russian and English languages are supported.


  • Original site design;

  • Maximum compliance with the original site (engine);

  • Works with MaNGOS and Trinity Core servers (required server core to be patched with provided patch, more info in README);

  • Multi realms support

Implemented Features (or partly implemeted features):

  • Character profile (simple and advanced versions)

  • Character audit feature (advanced profile)

  • Character reputation

  • Character achievements

  • Character PvP info

  • Character Activity

  • Guild page

  • Guild roster (partly)

  • Item pages (partly)

  • News system (partly)

  • Account management (partly)

  • Some static pages

  • News system

  • Realms status

Will be Implemented:

  • News system (blogs) with comments support

  • Forums

  • Account management

  • Game guides and other static pages

  • Web auction

  • Web support for character services (race/faction change, customization, etc.)

  • Media system (screenshots, videos, texts)

Known Bugs:

  • Some issues with Internet Explorer browser

  • Character talents page is missing (read F.A.Q. section for more info)

System Requirements and Installation:

  1. Download sources from GitHub repo (git clone git://github.com/Shadez/wowcs.git).

  2. Read INSTALL file and follow all steps described there.


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Q.: What the …?! Some pages are 404 and there’s a lot of placeholders and wrong datas! Fix it pls!11

A.: Do not forget that this is a beta version. All missed features will be implemented soon.

Q.: I can’t browse character page!

A.: Make sure that your server core was patched by provided patch and this character was saved in DB (armory_character_stats table in characters database). Also, read Debug Log (http://site_url/_debug/)

Q.: Where is character’s talents page?

A.: It’s because of updated in Cataclysm talent trees: original site has only new trees and I haven’t found any way to generate this trees manually.

Q.: Will character rendering feature be implemented?

A.: I hope so but I still have no information about how Blizzs do this. Seems that they’re using some separate software to generate it and if it’s true, this feature may not be implemented. At least at this moment.

Related links:

Project page on GitHub

Commits history



Community Site was developed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, so you can do anything with this sources (but you must leave original author’s copyrights and publish project under GNU/GPL license too).

Warning: you are NOT allowed to remove any of Blizzard’s copyrights from templates!

World of Warcraft™, Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

The data contained herein is proprietary to Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. You are granted a limited license to make personal use of the information contained herein for non-commercial purposes only.

Are you kidding right?

If you tell that, what is this?

on sql/updates/characters_r8_character_feed_log.sql

-- This upda is for CHARACTERS database, not Armory!

ALTER TABLE `character_feed_log` ADD `item_quality` SMALLINT DEFAULT '-1' NOT NULL ;

I can enumerate more changes if you want?

As you can see from this folder, all the changes are related to 2 tables that are added by the CMS itself to the character DB, but you’re right, they should go in the wowarmory DB instead, but as you can see, there is no contamination of the original DB data.

Changes are for the patch to show other char info.

Still, touching characters database isn’t the way to go.

There are so many good CMS’s outhere, none of them touch the core DB’s.

Ony 1 or 2 (not so good) touch them, and this is one of them.

Site looks great, I’d be slightly worried about copyright issues, but thats another matter. What has been worrying me lately about all these CMSes that have been appearing… What is the security like on these content management systems? Have these sites been thoroughly SQL injection tested? I’m not knocking anyones work here, I just think it would prove prudent to actually test these sites thoroughly for such attack angles.

Another question I had about this site. Is it really necessary to have to patch the core to work this site? Is it operational without said patch?

pinned. dont want precious projects like this get lost in the sea of junk

glad to see Shadez here at last

I meant that engine don’t touch original tables, as Polaretto said. And ahow me, please, if you can, at least one project that can display all information displayed here without additional datas that were stored in old ‘characters’.‘data’ row. As for me, I don’t know any. Also, how can you display character activity feed feature without db and core changes? Even I will add stats generation in site core, I can’t handle activity feed without ‘character_feed_log’ table.

And I think that inserting into characters db is more better than creating additional SQL connection in server core. But maybe I’m wrong?

I ran some tests and there was no injection issues. But of course you can test it by yourself.

And yes, core patch is required for characters displaying. I have plans about creating stats system, but don’t know when I will add this.

Sorry for double post.

Need to say that Trinity Core users may should change core patch by theirself. I will update it tomorrow, when I’ll be at home.

Do you mean Trinity Devs?

I don’t think that will happen because of this isn’t blizzlike.

No, users who compile cores.

Great Work /emoticons/default_blink.png

I can see the home page when I download the site, but when I unzip the archive htaccess, I have the 403 error …

I deleted all files HTACCESS and I now have access to the site. But is it normal that gives many links on a page not found?

yes. As for the .htaccess files, if you have errors is because of miss-configured apache.

It’s okay now, thanks.

great job shadezz! but im getting error with applying the patch can you help me?

im also getting errors when you login the website after that wont work anymore

Notice: Undefined offset: 8 in C:\xampp\htdocs\includes\classes\class.db.php on line 88

Fatal error: Call to a member function select() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\includes\classes\class.account.php on line 752

I have a question … I tried a SQL script for allowed a page to an account of security level 3 but it doesn’t work…

[CODE]$db_selected = mysql_select_db(‘tauth’);

$id = ($_SESSION[‘id’]);

$gmlevel = “SELECT account_access FROM gmlevel WHERE id = $id”;

if($gmlevel == ‘3’)[/CODE]

You should post all the code, because the query you modified is not executed in the code you wrote, probably a good workaround could be:

[CODE]$db_selected = mysql_select_db(‘tauth’);

$id = ($_SESSION[‘id’]);

$gmlevel = mysql_query(“SELECT account_access FROM gmlevel WHERE id = $id”);

if($gmlevel == ‘3’)[/CODE]

good work polaretto can you please update the patch? because i cant compile it with the patch it gave me some errors:(