[BIN] Trinity autoconfig tool by Naygath




config.ini editor (notepad++ included in the binary):



configure - set worldserver.conf values to config.ini values

compare - list new options in worldserver.conf

config.ini - open config.ini editor (notepad++, included in the tool exe)

about - show info

exit - exit

What does it do?

it configures your worldserver.conf automatically after you

have configured the tool once, after that, if you update your

worldserver.conf, just run the tool, wait 2 seconds and your

new worldserver.conf is configured.

why did i make this tool?

i got tired to the endless manual configuration i had to go through everytime i updated worldserver.conf

this tool makes updating worldserver.conf much easier, now you have to configure it manually only once.

other features:

this tool can also list removed config options and new config options etc.

some new features in v3:

gui (can be turned off in config)

support for custom config options (bots, ah bot etc.)

Download links:


Download v3 (released 7.2 2011)


Download v2 (released 31.1 2011)

Have fun!

(ps. if you dont like it, please dont flame about it, i released this tool cause i thought that someone might need it.)

There are two scripts, one PHP based, and one perl based, already in the repo (last I checked) that does this already, but, it can’t hurt to have more options.

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