[BIN] TrinityCore GUI

[SIZE=14px]TrinityCore Server Console(s) GUI[/SIZE]


[ul][li]Start/Terminate world/auth server[/li]
[li]Redirects in/out put of world/auth server to the GUI[/li]
[li]Tab interface for world/auth switch[/li]
[li]If world/auth server process did not get killed by user(GUI input) it will restart and kill any detected running instance of it.(“authserver.exe(if auth dies)/worldserver.exe(if world dies)”)[/li]

Inner workings:

[ul][li]C# .net 4.0[/li]
[li]WIN API[/li]
[li]100% managed code(no unsave code compiled)[/li]

BETA only:

[ul][li]Binary Release[/li]
[li]Closed Source[/li]

(when done)REALESE:

[ul][li]Full open source[/li]
[li]Full documentation of code[/li]
[li]Included unit tests[/li]
[li]Bugs fixed u posted[/li]

Its a beta, i havent tested everything yet so anything can hapen on a system not like mine(i have win7 x64)

and have tested most of the to me known senarios of what could go wrong (like process hanging and such).

Please give it a try, u can find the file in the attachments

And let me know if u like it or not.

Just drop it in the TrinityCore folder the authserver.exe and worldserver.exe are located.


killing active processes (authserver.exe/worldserver.exe on crash/launch from GUI)

This means if u have a sever running and start it again with the GUI it WILL get KILLED.

[SIZE=18px]So make sure youre server is down before u use this.[/SIZE]


(credits: {Creator of button i used} , {Creator(s) of Trinity logo(s)/icon(s) i used} , {Creator of error window icon})


The interface is much limiting in this way.

A solution Java would not have to be badly.

However beautiful job.

hmmm very nice, could use some improvements tho.

  1. an settings menu for

–sending shutdown signals for server reboots(i dont expect the server to stay running 365 days a year)n along with system messages to inform the populous that the server will be restarting in X amount of time.

–changing the location of the auth and world servers.

–automatically running the authserver and world servers when the gui is started.

  1. multi-realm support would be nice

Since a rewrite most likely won’t happen, how about making it Mono compatible?

you could do this by using the “Run” button and typing the command in the txtbox.

But am working on intergrating a few of the most used commands

Am also making a config for setting the world/aut server location

also in the making (config setting if u want auto start or not)

Yes version 2 will have multi realm support (holding 5 world servers)

Well i have MonoDevelop.

Only thing is i used the WinApi(“user32.dll”) for most handles to the consoles.

So i dont think it will be Linux compat if i make a mono package.

Would prob need to rewrite most stuff.

Next V1 release Will include full source code, so if anyone feels like porting it they can.

Afther next release, version 2 will get its release.

Version 2 is a little more tricky because i need to make sure all world processes

will wait on each other so they wont conflict. but more about version 2 when version 1 is fully done and released.

(all stuff posted here will be included in both version (except multi realm only for V2(some people dont need multi realm so thats why 2 versions))

i was actually thinking of an auto run setting, for unattended servers. ie you set a particular date and time as well as a command that is to be run(ie server shutdown, server restart) so that you can save all the player data b4 you reboot your server.

and im glad that some of my suggestions were already planned!

cant wait to see the next version