[BIN] Truice (win32)

As Ishigure didnt respond for a while, pls make issues here what should be updated to fit latest core. https://github.com/Faq/Truice/issues

I will try to keep it up to date.


I would like to have a truice for cata emu. Would be better than skystudio …

Updated SAI support would be nice, some of the fields need to be updated as well.

Waiting issues on git not here.

Range check errors using character tab

  1. what u see written on top of characters tab?

  2. no issue reported here will be checked anyway, i clearly told where need to report, so pls do it;

software based on .NET ?

on run-times on one of my PC get error on run-time !!?

You need to read 1st post.

Can we fix this issue? Latest build is still having this problem.


Who can update it to 4.3.4 DB?

As github doesnt host files for download anymore, truice is hosted on tc server http://www.trinitycore.org/f/files/category/2-tools/

Uploaded Truice 1.3.5

I seem to have a connection problem and be unable to access MySQL with truice. For clearance, it’s a w7, 32bit, connecting to local (, double checked everything.

Error 10061.

Anyone else has this problem? (I’ve downloaded the link above)

I’ve added a notice at the GoogleCode project with links to your repo. It’s nice to see someone continuing it

Checked this program out and still having issues connecting to localhost or on the correct port and with username and password, Under win 7 32 Bit you may wish to test again

How download??? link broken… Ver 1.3.6 upload please

its ok, just inter correct your data like port, host, db. After connect you can swich any db via tool FILE menu /emoticons/default_smile.png

Bump!.. Yeah how do you download it. I get this error:


1.3.6 has been released two days ago, however, no pre-compiled binaries are available as of yet.

Also, Truice has been removed (or is missing ?) from the local download list.

Its back on again.

Anyone having issues with truice and the new revision of trinitycore? i cannot seem to query anything regarding quests…

SQL Error: Unknown column ‘lq.entry’ in ‘on clause’

That’s likely because quest_template structure changed; “entry” → “id”