bit assitance with fixing spell cooldown.

Hello, i’m willing to change a spell cooldown, thanks to helpful irc crowd i already know that it can`t be done at database level and should be done by patching SpellMgr.cpp. I looked into that file i can see some spell adjusts there.

at line 2638 a beautiful method starts

[CODE]void SpellMgr::LoadSpellCustomAttr()

{[/CODE]Later below there are many cases stated for some spells, and what im willing to achieve is something like:



I’ve went through all LoadSpellCustomAtrr() & LoadDBCDataCorrections hoping to find something that messes with cooldowns but i did not notice anything like that. Any tips?

can only be done from DBC as far as i know. I’ve done it in there, don’t think its possible but from core but somebody might suprise you /emoticons/default_smile.png

Try this: Modify spellInfo->RecoveryTime (sounds a lot like cooldown to me) via LoadDbcDataCorrections (cmp. DBCStructure.h, struct SpellEntry).

Yep prolly your right, wiki pages also use the term “RecoveryTime”. Since editing spell.dbc seems safer for core stability im comming with a noobish question: how do i actually edit spell.dbc? Tried in mousepad but i see binary data there…

We don’t support client editing, sorry.

Client editing? Check TrinityCore’s data folder.

I see no data folder

Yeah it magically pops after running extraction tools provided with TC.

I’m afraid extraction isn’t the same thing as editing.

I’m sorry you don’t understand the difference between client editing and extracting your own data from your own copy of the client, but, that doesn’t make it OK.

and, actually, editing your own client is “OK” it’s really the distributing your changes to others that we don’t support, and, just to keep us out of those muddy waters, we also don’t support the initial editing.

I was not about to distribute modified dbc or asking how to distribute modified dbc. I was asking how to edit it and you know it well. Anyways /thread. Already found a way to do it without hex editing =)