Blizzard Authentificator Server Side

In case someone wants to do something really interesting with it.

To request authentificator code m_securityFlags sent in logonproof must be 0x04

Is this your work? if not, credits would be nice. If it is, good work.

what does this do /emoticons/default_smile.png?

All credits to me.

It allows handling of code you get from

If you still don’t know what this does, then just don’t bother.


If security flags are 0x04, then after AUTH_LOGON_PROOF there is another packet

cmd = 0x04


-1 byte (length)

-char[length] (entered code) (no 0 at end)


[CODE]Packet: 0x0406313233343536

0x04 = cmd (i call it AUTH_AUTHENTIFICATOR)

0x06 = length (6 symbols)

0x313233343536 = entered data (“123456”)

Packet: 0x04026161

0x04 = cmd

0x02 = length (2 symbols)

0x6161 = entered data (“aa”)

Packet: 0x041031323334353637383961626364656667

0x04 = cmd

0x10 = length (16)

0x31323334353637383961626364656667 = entered data (“1234567890abcdefg”) longest possible data


the code is a mess, as i just wrote it to fool around with authentificator

Good work!

I’ll mess with it today.

awesome, thanks for sharing mate

How does it work in game? How can I connect to my wow account on trinity? Is there any chance to make it worl like it on trinitycore?

You should probably check

P.S. It’ll be great if you can add the extra protection this gives in to TC. Also adding the Core Hound pup mini pet will be a nice bonus /emoticons/default_wink.png

Sorry to bump old topic but does anybody has the paste stuff from above, i would love to mess with it.

true, please can someone reuploading the codes? * _ *

good work /emoticons/default_wink.png