bnet and ip for login question

Hi, I have master 8.0.1 running and would like the option to login via and LAN IP. It varies depending on where I am located. Server runs on a laptop and can be part of LAN or solo. Presently I change the LoginREST.localaddress= 192.XXX.XX.XXX OR and EDIT auth.realmlist.address either or Of course I change the client wtf also.

I presently just change the files and dbase record.

  1. Is there a way or settings to allow both configurations to run?

  2. Is there a way to make it so I only have to change just the realmlist ip and keep the client on and allow the laptop client to log in for either local or LAN configuration?

thanks for your thoughts.

Try this:

In your bnetserver.conf

In the database (realmlist)
address 192.x.x.x

And in the client files (WTF/
On your computer with server:
SET portal ""
Others LAN clients:
SET portal "192.x.x.x"

That's how I play Lan with my girlfriend  :P

8.1.5 Drakan?

Yes, the IP configuration is the same for all servers including 3.3.5 or 8.1.5.


characters complete create ?

thanks, I will try it.