Boss Health

Hello, i made a custom boss, my first one, but i want to test it and i dont know how to set the Health and Mana. Any tips?

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Havent tested these since I made them few years ago,

but possibly they work as I dont think the columns have changed:

Doesn’t work, It says that hpmod cannot be null, i made it to be null and my npc is having health 1/1. It is possible via c++? i saw that there is a command void setHealth(uint32 value); and void setMaxHealth(uint32 value);

Yes, there are such commands as well.
But I wonder where the null error comes from.

What is the boss’ level?

Most likely it is too high. You are missing data from creature_classlevelstats for so high level.

I made it, boss is level 87, i set the healthmod at a very high point, out of integer max value, my bad. Thanks anyway:)