[Bounty 100€] Full 7.3.2. Client or working TC 7.3.5 + Database


I am offering a Paypal payment of 100€ to a person who can provide me with one of the following (if you give me both, then I’ll pay for both):

[ul][li]A working link of a Legion 7.3.2 FULL client (not tinyclient), the whole thing that should be aproximately 40gb or so.[/li]
[li]Trinitycore 7.3.5 working core (not repack) with raw database included (please make sure it’s working, the pull from the official github tag 7.3.5 does not compile, so that is not it). [/li]

I am doing this because I have been trying for days and I really can’t afford to spend more time on this, so I will gladly pay if you get me something that works.

When you send it to me, please PM me your paypal so I can pay you. I can pay trusted members of the community upfront if they’re skeptical.

Thank you in advance!