Bout to give up

I’ve been screwing with this TC 6.x version for nearly a month now. I have a successful build of the source, i have the entire DB downloaded from github and loaded in the DB. I have a successful load of the bnetserver.exe. I get nothing but 50 thousand pages of errors of items missing POI’s, quest info, creature info etc when the worldserver goes to load. It does however load and is now sitting there waiting for a login (which doesnt work).

I am running WoW client 6.2 (20338) which is supposed to work with everything i have loaded. One of my issues is that my Auth.RealmList is showing gamebuild 19,793. What do i need to fix that? EDIT: Reloaded my AUTH db. it is now showing 20182. So that should be good. Still not letting me login. Getting error #104. WTF file is showing 'SET portal `.

Can someone PLEASE just upload their entire working hotfixes & world database for myself and others to download? I just want to play this with my kids and have a fun time… and frankly its becoming more of a hassle than its worth.

Thanks in advance.


OK well… for those of you that might be in the same boat as myself. I GOT IT WORKING.

The issues that i kept getting were the login. I had downloaded something that was not creating the account properly. I was able to see my local computer trying to login to my server via the MySQL Workbench app and seeing the traffic hitting the DB. Plus… once i saw the bad login attempts field… i knew right away it was the account creation.

Fixed that and now everything is up and running.

Nice to see that you got it working /emoticons/default_smile.png

Just a suggestion: If you are seeking for a nice, playable game I suggest you try our 3.3.5 branch since 6.x is in a early alpha stage. You will encounter a lot of bugs.

Kind regards,

J how did you fix it?

I`m too having error 104.