Burning Crusade

Now that OregonCore seems to be dead (or private), there doesn’t seem to be a Trinity Burning Crusade fork. I’ve started messing around with the current trinity master by removing WOTLK features, eventually, I’d like to move on to being able to get in-game and maybe scripting a few boss-fights or quest. By doing this, I am hoping to learn a bit more about the update process that emulators go through when they change patch support. If anyone else shares my mindset, I’d be all for opening up a repo and giving push access to anyone who would like to contribute.

Just don’t fuck up the authserver this time.

I’ve learned my lesson, lol. Also, I’m sorry I didn’t speak up about it last time when Venugh took most of the heat from it.

It would be a nice Project if you really have the intention to do this.

but it’s a lot of work to do

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if the basic is working i would help you, core / db / scripting / whatever, even to port mmaps from m.one / oregon

Wouldn’t it be more benficial to just make the Burning Crusade elements work correctly, rather than create a dedicated fork to an outdated patch?

Skipperheartbeat, not really. Most BC elements actually work well as they are. The issue is that there is not a Trinity fork that supports the 2.4.3 client.

But still BC on TC would need a bit of work to make it shine. To name a few:

[ul][li]BT suffers from Combat Bug after Akama Event[/li]
[li]Illidan has long pauses between his phase changes when damage is high (yeah, blurry description)[/li]
[li]In Kalecgos Encounter there are issues with the Portals (including missing Visuals)[/li]
[li]Brutallus / Madrigosa Intro Event is incomplete (animation- and movement-wise)[/li]
[li]Opening of the Dark Portal: Times between waves increase drastically beginning with wave 7/8[/li]
[li]Many Dungeon Exists are missing[/li]

I know this is not a bug tracker and this is a rather short list, but too few people care for bc fixes right now, so there is a hole to fill at TC.

We have a core right here that is running really good. Just lately I read at OregonCore Forums that they had performance issues when playing with mid to high range population. So here is something people can, and should, build upon.

The scripting and DB problems wouldn’t be a problem, if the core is running well the high content would be fixed in a short time,

the bigger problems would be to get the whole game mechanic TBC like, there are a lot of changes between the addons.

but how ever let me know if you if the project will get alive /emoticons/default_wink.png

I have a repo setup on my github account with some changes. However, there’s a lot of features to remove before we can start doing real work. If you want push access, open a PR with some changes, and I’ll give it to you.

Oregon pretty much died, yes, but take a look at: https://github.com/ProjectSkyfire/SkyFire_one

They took the Oregon repo and restructured it, converted to ACE singletons, etc, etc. and it’s pretty nice and similar to most modern projects in that regard now. If you’re looking to continue development, I suggest starting with it.