[C#] How to check if the server is open

So what i should have to do?

how do i can check if the server is open, if i do a ping it ping to host, not to the server, so what you recomend me?

Ping pingSender = new Ping();
IPAddress address = IPAddress.Parse(“”);
PingReply reply = pingSender.Send(address);

if (reply.Status == IPStatus.Success)
serverStatus.Checked = true;
serverStatus.Checked = false;

How is this related to TC, and what are you trying to accomplish by pinging the server through an application?

CDawg : I think he want to know if a TC server is running on the server, to display a “Server Online/Offline” message

You can’t just ping, ping will just tell you your hardware is up and can response. If you want to specifically check if TC is running, you must check if the server is listening on worldserver port (8085 on master if i remember well)

Check this : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2836674/determine-if-a-server-is-listening-on-a-given-port

thank you Traesh :3 i will do it now