Cant change from mobile version to normal

Ok, so i switched to IP.Board Mobile skin just to see how those invision guys made it. Problem is that i cant go back to normal version now, clicking on the “full version” button has no effect, neither does deleting cookies or restarting browser. I tried to click that button in six (allmost different) browsers allready (Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Epiphany, Iceweasel and Links). Any suggestions?;x

fixed /emoticons/default_smile.png


Damn it to hell, i switched to IP Board mobile because i was curious.

Now i can’t change back!

Am I the only person that uses multiple tabs? When I did this, I just switched to another tab and changed it there, but, it should really be fixed permanently to allow switching from it… what brilliant IPB dev thought it was a good idea to leave that off anyway?

i did the same mistake xD button “full version” isn’t working

fortunately i could switch in another tab back /emoticons/default_biggrin.png