Can't even get through the Windows Requirements

I am not sure if things have just updated and that is why nothing seems to match up, or if it is just me, but I can’t even seem to get through the Windows Requirements page. Just even dealing with the Git install is not the same. I go and download the Git Extensions and I am not given any options to make sure Git, MySYSGit, and KDiff are downloaded as well. I was even trying to do the server build using Linux, and since I am not familiar with Linux I was having issues as well. Is there any possibility there are videos on how to do this, or is there some more information someplace to be able to understand more of what is needing to happen, because I am at a total loss right now. Was really wanting to build a WoW server so I can save money and get rid of my internet for a while.

yeah gitextensions no longer ships git, you will need to get it from and install it.

P.S. wiki updated.

Thanks Aokromes. As far as MySYSGit and KDiff, will they still be needed or are they included in one of the 2 downloads?

they aren’t needed, that’s why i deleted them from wiki.