Can't f*cking log out


Have been logged into your site for like two weeks now, I simply cannot log out. If I do logout it is a matter of minutes before I am logged in again… So I keep the tab open to be able to log out everytime that happens. Have cleared cache. What’s going on? No saved passwords, cleared saved passwords, don’t allow saved passwords.


I signed out, waited over 10 minutes and tried, still logged out, it must be some kind of auto login you have setup and don’t realize it.

I would try but i have no clue of what my password is /emoticons/default_smile.png


How about you try changing your password?

If there is anything saved to anything, it shouldnt track you changing your pass and thus cant log in. (dont save the pass)

If i ever need to it again i’ll just recover the password.

Damn ubisoft, someone got to my account and changed the email. I got an email saying the email was changed and the only way to contact ubisoft is to call them… there is no recovery no nothing.