Can't link to external images on the forums...

I uploaded a JPG to Freeimagehosting and tried to link to it in my bug report about the wiki but the forums told me I’m not allowed to use that file extension. I uploaded a PNG and got the same result. Also tried posting to Imageshack but it fails too…

I tried linking using the “Image” button in the editor and also by typing the URL direct. Nothing seems to want to let the image render in the thread. It just yells at me and puts a link down instead of the picture.

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is attaching to forums itself not working? also personally i use imgur.


I couldn’t get it to link at all no matter what method I tried


It looks like your link did the same as mine


Nice pic, what did you do to get it to show on the forums?

Ar you using attachments or going with “Image” button that shows a window named “Image Properties” with a field for URL?

Using the “Image” button in the editor toolbar.

Also, just pasting the URL into your post used to auto-convert to an embedded image but it doesn’t seem to work either.

maybe something in IPB 3.4 changed the behavior. works as intended for me :expressionless:

The strange thing really is the message “You are not allowed to use that extension”. I just tried it and clicked OK and it embedded the image anyway… except it was only a thumbnail and too small to be of use.

I’ve had problems with it not working before. Sometimes I have to go back and edit my post, redo the image link, and save changes. I have no idea why but I suspected it was some web caching issue since editing the post generally fixed it.

Just used the image button and pasted the url of the image. /emoticons/default_tongue.png

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