Cant move after landing from a flight 6x

When I land from a flight, I have to reboot the game or hearth out because I can;t move. I know I should post something on Github but I will probably get bitched at for doing so.

Well here’s what you are asking for.
1. What is your revision information?
2. What is your host computer os?
3. What db revision are you using?
4. Did you compile the core or is it a repack?

This is not a troll but as far as we know you could be using a week old core with tdb 6.0.2 or something
hard to help you when you give very little information.

All variables mentioned above can impact your situation and solution
please dont come to the forums because you dont want to post a bug report in the standards that TC bug tracker has.
There’s a reason the devs require this information … so they know what you are working with. Also so they know if you are running a core that has a problem that was already fixed
have you also searched the issues for this problem? it may be there. If this is what you would post in Github I think you are correct… not so much B—hed at but corrected and told to correct your issue or it would be closed

works for me.