Centralized SQL server for live updates

Im not sure where to post this but its a suggestion
I have the server power and could create TC a centralized MySQL server so you guys have 1 db that everyone is collaborating on at the same time
If security is an issue i will grant someone admin rights to that sql server then you can remove add whoever.
It would be a way to advance the SQL updater too. have the server call home and make the server accounts read only so no one could actually gain access to the sql server
Just a thought … Call me crazy but i would think if everyone is working with the real time updated db it would make life easier for developers.
Not to mention there would be no more need to release full database updates.
I do not see where there would be any issues with a sql server handling the demand ( i could be wrong ) if so please let me know
I can provide the server access if interested.

Just a thought … if intrested whisper me and ill get you guys set up ready to go …
What i would need is what MySQL you would like and who you want as lead and the rest is easy peasy
Oh and you would have to make a subdomain and point to the server ip as i dont want that out in the open lol example 6x.trinitycore.org or 335.trinitycore.org
Ill have ya up and going in a matter of minutes

I am asking Nothing in return for this … there is no hidden strings attached
Just a way to help out some