Change Mount Minimum Level - Not Working

Using latest Trinity database ver 3.3.5a running on a linux server, WoTLK client.

I’m enhancing my server such that the mounts that are normally usable at level 20 are now usable at level 10.

Things I have done thus far:

[ul][li]Modified the item template for the mounts (class 15, subclass5 with itemlevel 20 and requiredlevel 20 ) set itemlevel and requiredlevel to level 10.[/li]
[li]cut the costs on these to 50% of what it was.[/li]
[li]modified the mount trainers to train at level 10, and cust their cost in half.[/li]
After restarting the server, the trainer trains the necessary riding skill and you can purchase a mount. The problem is the mount won’t work. It says “you cannot use this”. I think it has to do with some kind of level limit on the spell, but I cannot find or figure out the spell. For example, in item_template table, entry 8629 is “Reins of the Striped Nightsaber”, minlevel 10, requiredlevel 10. From what I can tell, there is a spellid_1 = 55884 and a spellid_2 = 10793. I cannot find either of these spellid’s in the Spell_dbc table or in any of the other spell type tables.

Does it make sense that the problem is with the level of the spell associated with spawning this mount? If so, how do I fix this?

Thanks for any assistance,


Have you cleared your cache?

[FONT=Tahoma]Assuming you have riding skill, the Item_template Entry of 8629, has a RequiredLevel=20. So you change that to 10 with [/FONT]

UPDATE item_template SET RequiredLevel = 10 WHERE (entry = 8629);

then restart server and clear client cache and you are good to go with your character that knows spell riding and has the 8629 item.

[FONT=Tahoma]There are two spells on that item the first is 55884 (learning) and the other is 10793 (the specific mount aura for the frost saber)[/FONT]

You guys were right! It was the damned cache. I didn’t know WOW did such a thing!

Thank you for your help!