Changing Instance Difficulty/max player amount

So i was wondering how i could change the difficulty of a dungeon (normal to heroic) or make a dungeon(5 man IE: Deadmines) allow 10 people to go into it. I went into the access_requirement table and i added an entry with difficulty 1 to deadmines map(36) but when i set my toon to heroic mode it says that deadmines does not support heroic 5 man difficulty. I am not running a repack i am using a trinity core source compile so i believe that this is possible i just dont know where to find the files to edit to make this happen any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Wrong section to ask.

Very likely that will need client edition, not supported here.

Sorry I posted in the wrong section which should I have posted in? P.S i figured it out i needed to add a modified MapDifficulty.dbc to the client through an MPQ file that had a heroic deadmines supporting 10 people

Modifying client files is not supported here.

Good work!