Character scale and morph modification

Hello guys,

as I am not C++ programmer and it is very difficult for me to get into it, I am here to ask you for a little help. I would be so much grateful :slight_smile:

I am using: TrinityCore 3.3.5 without any modification, actual code (today pulled).
I need: A script that will run everytime when a character logs in the game. It will change the character’s scale and morph, depending on what is stored in table character_modification. If the display_id is null, it won’t change the character’s morph.

I think that this should not be very difficult to achieve, but still - it is out of my skills. I’ve found one topic on similar theme, but it is outdated and a bit confusing for me.

character_modification table should look like this:
character_guid [int],
scale [float],
display_id [int]

In case, that adding a new table is a complication, I have no problem with adding new columns to characters table.

So, is it possible? And is there anyone, who would help me?

Thanks a lot in advance :wink:

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