Character Transfer - cMangos to TrinityCore

Hello, and thank you for the TrinityCore product. First post here, and new to TrinityCore (TC).

I have a cMangos server (3.3.5a) that I have been running for over a year. This weekend I built a TrinityCore “master” server. Everything went pretty smoothly, although there were a couple of hiccups. I was able to resolve those from my experience on building the cMangos server.

Here is my question… Can I use CharImport (TC thread linked below) to successfully migrate my account and character data from my cMangos 3.3.5 server to the TrinityCore “master” ( ? If not, is there a way to copy the character data via SQL or other methods?

Thanks in advance…


no, that tool is extremely outdated. (last update 2014)

OK, I thought I saw a 2017 update on the project, but it looks like you are correct - an old utility from 2014.

I guess I’ll have to look at the table structures on both databases, then.

psst, if you manage to get it working, don’t forget to make a post on how you did it :slight_smile: help someone else help themselves too :wink:

I wish I would have found this thread when you created it.

Yes, you can, I've used it to copy characters from one TrinityCore server to another. This was in late 2017, on a 3.3.5a server. IIRC, there was an error or two, but I don't remember having to do anything that deviated too far from the instructions.