Clarification of connection patcher use

I would say about 80% of my time working with TrinityCore has been spent trying to get the patcher to work in various scenarios. I think perhaps I just don’t understand how it was intended to be used. I have some questions about what will and won’t work:

  • Can the patcher ever be used on a system where the full TrinityCore is not installed?

  • Can it be made portable?

  • Can the patched executable be moved to another machine after it has been tested and connected properly?

At this time the only successful patch I have run was on a machine with Trinity’s tools compiled and installed (and all the prereqs that go with that…). I have moved dll files around, run the patcher locally on the TC machine on a remote shared install of the client, re-pulled and recompiled a number of times, made all the proper adjustments to the WTF/config.txt and at the right times, you name it.

If the patcher cannot be deployed in the manner I am trying to use it please let me know and I will start getting used to the idea that I need to the full Trinity install just to patch a single executable.

It’s frustrating for sure but I am very thankful for the work you guys have put in on this, and for the support I have received this far.


  1. Yes, that is possible. You can distribute the connection_patcher.exe
    2. See 1.
    3. No. Everybody has to patch the game on his/her own.

Give us some more info what exactly didn’t work (connection.log for example)


Figured it out. Yes you can pick up the patcher and 3 DLL files and successfully patch a machine that does not have TC installed. HOWEVER…

Microsoft pulled a fast one on me. You can’t mix 32 and 64 bit DLLs an run the patcher. The 64 bit DLLs you need are in the system32 folder. The 32 bit DLLs I was using by mistake were in the SYSWOW64 folder. The names are identical.


Anywho. I am logged in and running thanks to everyone’s help.


Hey Souldoubt,

I am running in the same issues like you did.

Could you tell me which DLL’s you took to patch ?

I figured libeay32.dll - but don’t know which others to take.

Thx a lot in advance!


Sorry for the delay:

msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll

Thanks a lot - all working fine.

Appologies for my late reply - fever got me down for a while :frowning: