Hi TrinityCore Community,

a few weeks ago I was enraged and have uninstalled my Windows and installed Ubuntu again.

Now I was looking for a good IDE for Ubuntu. In the past I’ve used Eclipse but the CMake support is really bad and you have to setup a lot of things before you’re able to compile and debug trinitycore.

Therefore I was looking for a new IDE and I found CLion created by JetBrains.

CLion uses a native implementation of cmake for projects. Compilers and GDB are already configured. The only thing you have to do is defining some cmake parameters.

CLion is a commercial software but for students and members of open source projects it is free.

You can get a 30 days trial version from their website.

Maybe there are some other linux users who have enough of Eclipse^^

Give this IDE a chance. It is really nice! :smiley:

Best regards