CMAKE - CheckPlatform missing

Windows 10 Computer, following the TrinityCore guide for 7.3.

CMake always seems to be the trickiest part for me, but this time I can’t find any useful info about the CheckPlatform file it can’t find. I don’t even know if that is the important error or if just fixing the MYSQL error is my problem. Unfortunately the instructions “Note: If MySQL is not found by CMake it is required to set MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR = C:/mysql_libs/include and MYSQL_LIBRARY= C:/mysql_libs/lib_XX/libmysql.lib.” don’t seem to apply as I can’t find anyplace in cmake asking for MYSQL_LIBRARY or MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR, so I assume I need to fix the CheckPlatform problem first.

Thanks in advance.

Note: I’m getting those pastebin errors using CMake 3.10.1 if it helps.

you have installed the mysql on compile machine? or setup that path in environment variables to contains the development files for mysql.

Hi D3vil, thanks for the reply.

Yes, the install machine has MySQL 5.6 installed. I created a folder “c:/mysql_libs/include” and “c:/mysql_libs/lib_64”. After running CMAKE, however, there are no fields that ask me for MySQL_INCLUDES or MySQL_LIBS. I have one CMAKE path that does ask for MYSQL_DIR, but no directory I give it satisfies the “MySQL_DIR-NOTFOUND” value.

Do you think my problem is MySQL related and not anything to do with the first reported error by my configure log about CheckPlatform missing?

If so, at least that would give me a starting point, maybe everyone gets the CheckPlatform remark and it’s normal.

Thanks again!

I should specify that I copied the MySQL include directory files and the lib files into the directories I created, I didn’t just create blank empty directories.

I just had a thought to put MySQL in the system path. That didn’t change the CMAKE issue though. I guess next steps are to reinstall Boost & Cmake, maybe use an older verison of CMAKE. Hopefully, I can move forward on this part, I hope it’s something easy and stupid I missed.

Got some assistance in the IRC chat, turns out after much digging we found that my git clone wasn’t all there. Git pull always reported that master was up to date - but it was missing files.

– Just in case anyone else has issues in the future I’d delete your clone and clone again.