Code convertion...


I’m looking for someone who can teach me how to convert MaNGOS code to TrinityCore code. For example there is a patch that fixes a spell for MaNGOS and I want to convert it to TrinityCore /emoticons/default_smile.png

Thanks in advance

I doubt that there will be a Tool or anything that could do that, you would have to look look at how it is Implemented in mangos and see if you can rewrite it in Trinity using their standards. Each case would probably be very different

If any code conversions you are looking for involves the Realm Server, I could definitely help you. However I have limited experience with the World Server. You should probably start by posting the code with a brief explanation so that we can see what you are looking for.

Here’s one of the things I want to convert - Halls of Reflection. It’s scripted good and I want to convert it to TrinityCore (or at least try).

But I also want to learn all the differences between MaNGOS and TrinityCore (code differences).