Code or Client Problems


I have a question regarding creating custom Dungeons and Raids.

Before describing my problem, I will explain what it is I want to happen, and then explain what I can’t do.

Overview: I want to create a dungeon which converts from Normal to Heroic. In this example, I will use Ragefire Chasm. So, I add a new section in MapDifficulty.dbc and change a few pieces of information to Heroic, then I log into the game, switch the difficulty to heroic, and now I am able to enter Ragefire Chasm on heroic mode with a blank map.

At the top of the screen, near the mini-map, is a red banner. This shows the number of players in the dungeon. For example, Ragefire chasm will have the number ‘5’ displayed, and another dungeon, Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic will have the number ‘5’ displayed with a skull underneath it.

Problem: when I enter the heroic dungeon, Ragefire Chasm, the number in the red banner displays the number ‘0’ instead of the number ‘5’. The skull still displays underneath this number, however it does not display the number 5.

Simply, when I enter Ragefire Chasm Heroic (the new difficulty that has been created) the number at the top right is displayed as ‘0’ with a skull underneath instead of ‘5’.

Does anyone know how I can change this number to display the number ‘5’ instead of ‘0’ I am not sure whether this is a client or coding issue. I have tried editing all map and dbc files, but with no success.

What do you all recommend?

Server information: Trinity Core Server with the latest revision 2014-10-11.

I’m unfamiliar with this particularly, but going under the assumption you have correctly added the limit and verified it’s working (i.e. only 5 players can go in, it’s indeed just a display problem), the issue is likely within your client DBC files. Editing the serverside DBC is often not enough, you will need to create a custom patch that includes the DBC file. Or have you already done this?

Hi there,

You are correct in your assumption. I have assigned the instance to only five players can enter - if anymore join, it will state instance is full. And yes, it is a display problem.

I have already created a custom patch, which is how I edited my map and mapDifficulty.dbc files to create the Heroic dungeon in the first place. Without a patch I would not be able to enter the dungeon.

However, the banner does not seem to display the correct number of players for the created dungeon.

I hope this clarifies it further.

Are Map.dbc and MapDifficulty.dbc the only files you have edited? Also, could you tell me what were your edits exactly?

unless rules have changed, client modification is not supported, or allowed to be discussed here.