Compile Connection Patcher Alone

I just built out a working (so far as I know) 6.x server using the posted documentation. Please allow me to thank you all for the work that has been done.

While there are a number of confusing/misordered items in the documentation, I was able to work out most of the details on my own.

I have hit a brick wall with the connection patcher. I followed the several lines of instructions in the documentation on the topic but the patcher fails when run from my linux server on the Wow-64.exe file in my client directory on my client computer (shared and mounted on my trinity server via CIFS).

I did discover from a number of searches that you must run the patcher in the same/similar OS environment as the client files. I am happy to do that but I am hoping that I do not have to pull and compile the entire TrinityCore project on my windows machine to simply compile and run the patch for the client.

Can anyone tell me which steps/programs are needed to compile JUST the patch?

Thanks again.


Unfortunatly you will have to build TC on your win machine. However you can build just the tools. In cmake deselect the “SERVERS” and “SCRIPTS” options and select the “TOOLS” option.

That should do it.

Good luck,

OK. Thank you.

I will install GitExtensions, CMake, and Visual Studio. I will leave out MySQL and OpenSSL. Do I need to install Boost and ZeroMQ?


You will have to install every dependency otherwise cmake will fail.

Git Extensions is not a requirement, you only need Git (I honestly don’t know why the wiki uses Git Ext.)

Side note: we need to fix the dependency mess, needing MySQL just to compile tools is quite… stupid.

Got it working.

Just for yucks I compiled the entirety of TC on an old laptop (including tools) and ran my connection patcher. Took a few tries to understand how the patcher has to function. In the end I had to run the patcher locally on the machines running the client after also registering a missing DLL (libeay32.dll). Works fine after that.

I agree that the tools compile should not be quite so needy for dependencies but that is just my personal pain threshold. It would have been a perfect setup if the patcher could run properly from linux but I understand that library access is the problem. My setup is:

TC compiled and running on a virtualized debian guest.

Client computers running on Windows 7 64bit

Again thanks for all the work!

Now I just need to figure out why none of the npcs or monsters are moving. Time to figure out how the waypoints went funny.