[Complete]Achi Take a Chill Pill

-- Fix achievement criteria for Take a Chill Pill DELETE FROM `disables` WHERE `sourceType`=4 AND `entry`=3879; DELETE FROM `achievement_criteria_data` WHERE `criteria_id`=3879; INSERT INTO `achievement_criteria_data` (`criteria_id`, `type`, `value1`, `value2`, `ScriptName`) VALUES (3879,6,3820,0, ''), -- check if player is in Eye of the Storm (3879,7,23505,0, ''); -- check if victim has a Berserking buff [/sql]

Yes! =D

I love your achievement fixes, nobody ever does them. x)

Can you look into The Grim Reaper? I believe it has the criteria of Not In My House (which also doesn’t seem to work).

Last time when i play The Grim Reaper works o.0 maybe u mean achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=231 which is unsupported by core

No, The Grim Reaper doesn’t work for me. /emoticons/default_sad.png

(neither does Wrecking Ball =P)

Do you use clean db from github repo?

Yes I do.

Also City Defender is bugged. Giving the achievement with criteria of Going Down? I believe.

City defender can be bugged due to suicide but it need to be fix in core.

Yeah you get it after going dead 5 times… lol

Discover try this http://www.trinitycore.org/t/trinitycore/changeset/b71b2896b6dde4a3a2690675b5afab3f54f1a294