[Complete] Anti Magic Zone trigger npc

Fix faction, unit_flags and flags_extra /emoticons/default_smile.png

-- Anti-Magic Zone
UPDATE `creature_template` SET `faction_A`=35,`faction_H`=35,`unit_flags`=`unit_flags`|33556488,`flags_extra`=`flags_extra`|128 WHERE `entry`=28306;
DELETE FROM `creature_template_addon` WHERE `entry`=28306;
INSERT INTO `creature_template_addon` (`entry`,`mount`,`bytes1`,`bytes2`,`emote`,`auras`) VALUES
(28306,0,0,257,0, NULL);

Is this for fix the anti magic zone spawn for the DK npc quest were you need to rescue the npc from the keep. The anti magic lasts very little

No, this trigger is spawned when any DK casts his Anti Magic zone spell.