Connect to server without Bnet?

Hello guys. Manual say for 6xx if you run wow first time need apply connection_patcher and after that connect to live Bnet servers?

Qurstion. If i am not have any live account??? I rememder 5.4.8 client not requered somthing like that. Just apply patcher and run client…

Explain please? :slight_smile: Need launcher or somthing? How i can invite players to server if we not have bnet accounts and fast internet? I want made server for local net.

6.x NEEDS bnet. there is no grunt (login without email) on 6.x client. Also, any trial account can do the trick, and they don’t need to be the same on your server.

No, you should not need to connect to retail anymore, the patcher now downloads required modules if they are missing.

At the end. If i am patch bin wow.exe after that give client to another man he can play?? Just run wow.exe and coonect to server? ty

Patched WoW.exe isn’t enough. You need to re-launch the connection_patcher to download/patch bnet modules. Keep in mind that connection_patcher patch both WoW binary & BNet modules.

I do that, understand. Have problem error 104 lloks like after i am start patched wow i am still trying connect to retail wow auth… I check in tcpview find here connect to 1119 port and one more connect to retail i think ip adress like

How i can remove bnet patch and try re patch wow.exe again for 6.2.3 version? i want download bnet patch again

Hello. I am understand correct wow_patched.exe cant run with out internet connection? or i miss somthing?

battlenet_accounts - we use this table?