Connection was reset

I keep getting a “The connection was reset” error whenever I try going to

yeah confluence has been having issues with connection, its currently using 200%+ cpu and serving only a few connections, im working on it and hope to have it fixed ASAP.

do you use opera by any chance?

No sir, using Firefox. It was working for a little bit lastnight, so I saved the help file I was needing to hard drive.


I know this is strange, but if I use a VPN to connect to the site it works, if I close the VPN connection it doesn’t work.

you are most lkely banned at the firewall, I’m trying to figure out what about confluence causes that to happen…

Is there another location where I can get access to the wiki? I’m trying to switch over to linux, but I can’t get to the wiki to follow the advise.

try now I changed the algo for blocking, and flushed all blocks atm.

That seems to have worked. Thanks KingPin!