[consulation] Accessing and editing wow default settings.

basically i’m wondering where can i access anywhere over the source files something about this following mechanisems.

  1. zooming mechanisem - where can it code can be found? and mainly all the code behind the settings panel in the game.

sincerely daniel.

Nothing related to TC …

Its all client side. You need to modify the client.

I guess …

Or what sort of zoom do you mean? Scroll?

Scrolling exactly, the angle of the camera and etcetra. regardless that is not related to tc will you be able to refer me to a specific place?

and by modifying the client you means modifying the data files? and if so how can it be done.

Try googling modcraft.

I’ve been conversing with those mates from modcraft and they explicitly said that its relates to the source files.

There is no way scrolling would be handled serverside.

That would cause way too much traffic.

If scrolling is on client, then the limitation is also in the client probably.

Not that I would have looked…

Maybe some dev can enlighten the situation.

Are you talking about Maxing your camera distance to scroll out further? Or changing camera behavior for following??

I’m not sure about the latter. Distance is easily edited by editing the “SET cameraDistanceD” number in your config.wtf file and type “/script SetCVar(“cameraDistanceMax”,30)” (or whatever distance you want) into the chat console, and then you should be able to scroll out to the max distance that you just set.

The rest… I"m not sure what else you’d want to do that ya can’t accompish in Camera’s interface settings…

@Mferrill that is exactly what i want. the thing i wants it to be as default. not something i wants to do manually each time.

so per se i wants to use a camera distance max of 60 per se, and i want that it’ll work like a constuctor you know going automatically as a default function.

/run SetCVar(“cameraDistanceMax”, 25);
/run SetCVar(“cameraDistanceMaxFactor”, 2);
/run CameraZoomOut(25)

This’ll work on 3.3.5. And yeah, i dont see why camera would be handled serverside. It IS clientside, 100%. You’d see code about it in tc itself if that was the case… and who would be that dumb to actually have the server control your camera ?