Continuosly behind retail

The title is normal, I know, it is just that I could not think on a better and short title for this.

The thing I want to ask is, I noted that the 6.x branch is very different from 3.3.5 (and from 4.x) is/was.

For example, continuously updating to main retail version. Is that done on purpose, or because some limitation?

I mean, is it possible to just stop in a build and make it working?

I think not much, as there are battlenet modules involved, but would be great, as I am afraid that if blizz makes a randomization tomorrow, all is broken suddenly without remedy. Only if we could just stop in revision X could be benefitial for develpment/testing.

To clarify: 3.3.5 was always build 12340 even if new patch come out, and the same for pandaria… Did WoD changed too much that this is no longer possible? Or is it done on purpose to keep in sync with retail so there is no need for 2 installations?

Finding opcodes isn’t a that big problem anymore.

The main reason why we are following retail so tightly is to have the possibility to sniff always current data.

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​wow 3 followed retail always, max few days from new retail release to tc implementation.

We are not required to always follow the official versions, we could stop on arbitrary 6.x version but so far that wasn’t worth yet (weighting prons vs cons).

3.3.5a was always 12340 because there’s no other build for 3.3.5a…

Thanks @Nay I was a bit scared as I thought it was somehow mandatory because of bnet.