Convert Code From SkyFire to TrinityCore

I have code from an early build of SkyFire 4.0.6a that I wish to port over to TrinityCore 6.x. I understand this is a great endeavor, but I am mainly stuck on a single point right now.

The SkyFire code uses ACE to perform thread functions while TrinityCore does not. I believe I’m able to work around the majority of it, however I’m finding there is a problem with the following code:

m_xLoading = true;
xLoader = new xLoader;
ACE_Based::Thread xThread(xLoader);

This is the biggest hiccup, as I have no idea how ACE_Based Thread functions can be translated to work with TrinityCore, and I can find no code in the build that points to a plausible solution. I’m sort of new to C++ however this is a bit above my head at the current moment. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

Change to std::thread