convert DB

I was wondering if it’s possible to convert certain things over from Arcemu to Trinity. I would be looking to convert Items, NPCs, objects (not so much), creature/gameobject spawns.

Its posseble, just do it by hand method, no tools for it…

This is very simple, but you need to know the field names that Arcemu uses that map over to the field names that Trinity uses. ALL blizz emulators have to use the same template data. Some use more of it than others though (for example there are very few unks for templates in Trinity).

So, the SQL would be (if you already had a populated Trinity table and wanted to overwrite it):

REPLACE INTO item_template entry, field1, field2, field3 (SELECT field1, field2, field3 FROM arcemudb.item_template WHERE entry IN )

Again, you have to map field to field to make sure you insert the proper data from arc into TC.

– Brian