Converting Mangos Fake online players by Kich0

lol… it’s completely broken… Don’t even know why the hell I ported it to trinity… lol

Thanks Fredi , The Last one is Nice /emoticons/default_tongue.png

But This Patch have a Big Issue , That’s is : When You Search in Wholist Players , Like Searching for a unique Player , the who list result show the target player and All Other FakeOnlines /emoticons/default_unsure.png

Where Can Fix this issue ?

Thanks man /emoticons/default_wink.png

Anyone Know , How can Fix This Big Issue on This Patch ?

sorry for Bumping :-"

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You smell that? It was this thread rotting.

You just played:

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2012-02-24_FakePlayers.patch Updated .


Missing brackets at Player.cpp L25 & L27.

Revision : 28310f0938

Patched , Compiled And Works Fine inGame


Just becakse it works doesn’t mean it’s correct. If you look closely it will now execute line 25 (CharacterDatabase.PExecute(“UPDATE characters SET zone = (FLOOR(50 * RAND()) + 1) WHERE online>1”)/emoticons/default_wink.png only if the if-check of getBoolConfig returns true. But even if the if-check returns false, it will still always execute line 26 as it’s not restricted to the if-check. An if-check without brackets only affects the first line below the check.

on the Latest Edit , Have That Issue too .

The Big Issue : When Go to Who List and Search for a Player , The Result Shown That Player(s) With Fake Online Players.

Mangos has this as official? Wow… the ammount of jackassery is so damn high!

If anyone played a server whose owners used bots to seem bigger… destiny to failure.

I know I’m being a douche for just posting this :3

Script works well, but GUILDS are not show in WHO list