Core Version vs Game Client Question

Forgive me lack of knowledge on this but per the installation instructions on the trinitycore tutorial it states that the master branch supports Legion. I find this just a tad confusing because all the other documentation for it seem as though the master branch is currently functioning as Shadowlands core. If that is the case, which I assume it is, I’m wondering if there’s a way to get previous revisions of the master branch (say 7.3.5) in order to get a functioning Legion server going. And yes, I know there are projects such as ashermane that have their own github, but it doesn’t appear functional with ubuntu sadly so I wanted to see if I could obtain previous revisions somehow.

Thank you ahead of time, I know it seems like a super rookie question.

To get older versions, you need to checkout one of the tags in repository (we have one, “7.3.5/26972”) but I will make no guarantees that you will be able to compile it without issues