Could use some basic help editing MySQL realmlist table

Hi everyone. I’ve had a 3.3.5 branch server running for several years, no issues. Recently moved into a new house and had to completely change the reserved IP’s for some machines on the network, including my Windows system that hosts the WoW server. When I fire up the auth server, I see the last line says "Added realm “name” at , which is no longer the correct IP address. I assume I need to open the MySQL editor, login as root, and change the realmlist table, but I have no clue how to do it. Also, I am unsure if I need to manually edit the authserver or worldserver .conf files as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve read the installation guides several times, and have even ventured to outside forums to find the answer and I keep coming up blank.

Hello Borg9,

your thoughts are correct - grab a sql editor of your choice (i personally use HeidiSQL) and establish a connection to your database. You can use any user for that database that has the rights to change the table you aim for. If you are unsure about your username / password, you can find this data in both, your authserver.conf and worldserver.conf at “LoginDatabaseInfo”.

Afterwards you locate your Auth Database and the realmlist table to modify your ip adress. It should roughly look like in the following screenshot:


Your authserver.conf and worldserver.conf both have a setting that is called:


#        Description: Bind auth server to IP/hostname
#        Default:     "" - (Bind to all IPs on the system)

BindIP = “”

If there is your old ip, change it too. ( is fine and should work for you)

All that is taken from a recent version. If yours is several years old, there could be differences.

If you need further assistance, feel free to join in irc or discord :slight_smile: