i create new public repository with trinitycore patches. All patches are downloaded from other projects and now I’ll try to keep current version.


Seems Good … Thanks

That´s a good news, thanks for sharing with us Mouse…

Best regards…

nice job /emoticons/default_smile.png

Thanks o lot (rep+1!)

Thank you! I was looking for the AntiCheat patch updated to the last revision

mouse this anticheat AC 2 ?

i think it’s passive

more information is in README

Good job and thanks for sharing your patches

Very Nice /emoticons/default_smile.png

Good repo! Thanks! + repo

Thanks! + repo

This is good repo! Thanks!

doesn’t works for me the lich king patch, i’ve posted the issue in your git repo

why cant see wintergrasp patch?

Because you’re a leeching asshole.

I love you. It’s nice -

Please, update patches!

Patch isn’t updated ?