Creating New DisplayID Hotfix

Hello. I’m trying to create a new displayid for a NPC to use. I have so far copied the exact values from CreatureDisplayInfo.db2 and CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.db2 from the displayid 28222 and created it as a new displayid of 500000 in creature_display_info and creature_display_info_extra in the Hotfixes database (and added both to Hotfix_data). When I try it out ingame, the target will morph into the new displayid I created but will then fade out over around 1 second and become invisible, and I can’t figure out why this is happening.
I’m also wondering which table in Hotfixes I need to use to use to change the items the new displayid is wearing.

Here are the screenshots of both hotfix tables and screenshots of the fade out ingame:

Any help or ideas very much appreciated.