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Hello, I have been wondering about this for a very long time, is there any way at all to make NPCs wear heroic or mythic items, or perhaps even items with enchants on them? Because creature_equip_template seems to just accept item IDs, but no additional parameters for heroic/mythic/enchants.

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As far as I know, enchants are not supported on creatures on 3.3.5.
I came to this conclusion because only players have the enchant fields (see UpdateFields.h). Also the mirror image packet does not have a place for enchants, so when a mage has an enchant and uses mirror image, you can clearly see that the images dont have the enchant. The creature item equip code for weapon did not seem to have a field for enchant either.
You would probably need to attach the enchant to the item model for this on 3.3.5.

If you want to equip any armor on an NPC you must have/make a model for the NPC that has the gear already on or you must exploit the mirror image packet as far as I know as this is not something blizzard seems to do so there is no functionality in client for it.
My dressnpcs patch uses mirror image packet to equip NPCs with any gear The master / 7.x version has support for mythic items.

For weapons on master branch (7.x) I dont think TC has code that would allow you to display mythic items or enchants through DB at the moment. The item entry in DB is matched against entries in Item.db2 which does not contain the mythic items as far as I know.
It is however probably possible to show mythic weapons (and possibly enchants) on NPCs through C++ using Unit::SetVirtualItem (on master branch). So maybe use that or make the DB code able to use mythic items.

Unit::SetVirtualItem looks quite interesting on master/7.x branch as it allows you to pass (slot, itemId, appearanceModId, itemVisual) possibly allowing you to show an item entry with an appearance(mythic etc) and some item visual (not sure what this is, enchant? or maybe also related to mythic stuff. Its not used anywhere and did not test it). The function only works for weapons though, so gear would need using mirror image packet still.

Thank you for your reply. I am already using your DressNPCs patch and I’m running on the Legion expansion.

I’m not good at coding so I would rather not mess around with the source code, plus it’s not supported on this forum I believe.

If anyone does by any chance know of any other way to achieve this, I’d be grateful, otherwise this is solved.

On master there was now this commit:

And it should probably allow the use of weapons like mythic etc through creature_equip_template, but you still cant get those enchants I believe.

Enchants? You can - ItemVisual field

great, good to know.

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