Creatures' Range Before Reset


I’ll save you once again from my life story and get straight to the point.

World Bosses (such as Doom Lord Kazzak, The Dragons of Nightmare…) should have infinite range before they reset.

What I am saying is that, for example, in 2006 Lord Kazzak from Blasted Lands was kited all the way to Stormwind.


I have understood that creature_model_info got nothing to do with it. Any ideas where you could edit it?

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Bounding Reach → Melee range for creep, so he could attack melee even from 30y

Combat Reach → The same for ranged attack

But i am not sure

How do you determine the range when the creature resets then? I know you can do it somehow…

EDIT: At least Arcemu’s wiki has (I know, got nothing to do with TC)


The amount of yards before the creature will reset.

That doesn’t seem right, most models have less than 1 “yard”.

Yeah, probably.

That’s why I said

(I know, got nothing to do with TC)

On official, most creatures do have a leash, and, I don’t think we have yet implemented that properly, there are some scripts that check the distance a creature has gone and bring them back, but, it should be on all NPCs, even if some have much larger ranges than others.

How can I increase this leash then?


and what I’ve noticed that usually creatures in instances do have ‘infinitive range’, not sure tho. But at least the range is much bigger than normally.