Custom command to change value in account table

static bool HandleVPointsCommand(ChatHandler* handler, const char* args)

    std::string name;
    Player* player;
    char* targetName = strtok((char*)args[0], ""); // Get entered name
    int votepoints = atoi((char*)args[1]);
    if (targetName)
        name = targetName;
        player = sObjectAccessor->FindPlayerByName(name);
    else // If no name was entered - use target
        player = handler->getSelectedPlayer();
        if (player)
            name = player->GetName();

    WorldSession * m_session = player->GetSession();
    QueryResult select = LoginDatabase.PQuery("SELECT  vpoints FROM account WHERE id = '%u'", player->GetSession()->GetAccountId());

    if (!select)
        handler->PSendSysMessage("Failed to Votes,character probably doesnt exist!");
        return false;
    Field* fields = select->Fetch();
    uint32 vp = fields[0].GetUInt32();
    int vpoints = vp + votepoints;
    LoginDatabase.PExecute("UPDATE account SET `vpoints` = '%u' WHERE id = '%u'", vpoints, player->GetSession()->GetAccountId());
    ChatHandler(player->GetSession()).PSendSysMessage("Your vote points have been modified,you now have %u Vote Point(s)!", vpoints);
    handler->PSendSysMessage("You have succesfully set %u Vote point(s) to player %s!", vpoints, player->GetName().c_str());

    return true;

The idea is after usage of “.player vpoints 10” vpoints value must be updated by +10,when “.player vpoints -10” is used to reduce that value by 10.
I tried too hard but seems like i am not able to do it,the result of my work is just crash on use /emoticons/default_sleep.png

Can someone help me about this one?