Custom Graveyard Problem

This is the text i get, when i try to re spawn in my custom area (Map Test01)

Command: .die [Player: Sasfe (Account: 1) X: -718.602783 Y: -586.897217 Z: 376.774078 Map: 801 Selected player: Sasfe (GUID: 20)]
ZoneId not found for map 801 coords (-718.602783, -586.897217, 376.773621)

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I believe you need to add the graveyard entries for where the players will appear in the DBC file controlling the graveyards (Serverside at least), as well as make entries in the database for the graveyards of the ones you added for them to work properly. Otherwise, the graveyards will simply not work and will put you in either Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor.

The DBC file in question is [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]WorldSafeLocs.dbc which should be int he DBC folder for your server assuming you’re running the latest TC. The DB table is named game_graveyard_zone in the world section.