Custom Loadscreens


not rly shure that this is the right forum so plz move if its not…

Now the Question:

Is there a way to change the server loadingscreen to custom self created ones (For anyone who connects to server not only for me)

? or if not is there a way to edit the Server Tips (Example: Blizzard Employer will never ask for your Passwort) in the Loading Screen ?

Thx for Answer

Those are MPQ and dbc data, as such imo you cant

Afaik you can with external patch.mpq files without modify client.

Last time I tried I had to patch my client to make it accept mpqs not signed with blizzards key, just for model editing.

Which is something breaking the EULAs.

Ok so if i mod. my mpq´s and give it to my friends it should work ? I think doesnt matter that it breaks the EULA if i play with my friends only ?

Warpten, that was only during early WOTLK. In 3.3.5a, you can just drop the MPQs in the data folder and if they’re correctly named (Patch-(1-9 or A-Z).MPQ), they’ll work with no other modifications.

I never got any custom mpq to load without changing an asm jne to a je

What are you trying to change? Stuff like textures, models, and DBCs can be changed without an edit, but xml strings and some Lua code requires a client patch.