Custom Ore Vein and Titles

Was playing around today and was wanting to add a few custom titles and implement a custom ore vein where one can mine Elementium ore without having cataclysm. Any ideas on how to do this, looked around the DB but don’t understand in gameobject_template where the object that comes out of the vein is.

Ok got the custom ore vein done but still working on the titles and can’t seem to find anything in the database about it.

Custom titles cannot be done without editing the client.

Ok that is what I was wondering. Would there be any way to create a player owned town system. Such as we vote on a player to say over look thunderbluff and that player can set a tax on the auction house and have it’s own vendors so that when someone purchases form the vendor they get a % of it and same with the auction house they get a % of gold they made from selling it. Not sure if it’s possible with out completely redoing some stuff but just curious.

If it’s even possible, probably not.

They have something like that in Tera online and it is a really good way to keep a games economy going so thought it would be cool to implement it into wow if possible. I’ll look into it some more

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If you are a pro in c++ and know the core very well you can do a lot of things /emoticons/default_smile.png It needs hard modifications in the deeps of the core and additionally in the db.

I’m thinking for a long time about to add some economic based game mechanism into wow but never had time for that (nor I’m really skilled enough to do that). Additionally you have to combine such things either with your website or write own addons because the wow client has more or less no gui to work with.