[Custom] Profession Searching

(Sorry for my bad english, i am from Slovakia) /emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif

General Informations:

Work on TrinityCore2 rev.10851+ (Maybe need some changes)

Searching is new custom profession. It work on our custom system of skilling. Ranks of this professions are no spells (Apprentice Searching, Journeyman Searching … ) but tokens (items)

more info HERE

(But in Slovakia Language)

General Skills

Apprentice Searching - Small Treasure (Small Searching Chest)

Journeyman Searching - Medium Treasure (Medium Searching Chest)

Expert Searching - Large Treasure (Large Searching Chest)

Artisan Searching - Southsea Treasure (Southsea Searching Chest)

Master Searching - Family Treasure (Family Searching Chest)

Grand Master Searching - Extreme Treasure (Extreme Searching Chest)

Other Skills

Parachute - (Spell)

Furbolg Form - (Spell)

Water Breathing - (Spell)

Frost Wyrm Mount - (Spell)

Track Demons - (Spell)

Track Dragonkin - (Spell)

Track Elementals - (Spell)

Track Giants - (Spell)

Track Humanoids - (Spell)

Track Undead - (Spell)

Track Hidden - (Spell)

Searching Hat - (Item)

Searching Regalia - (Item)

Searching Slippers - (Item)




I use this on my WoW Server Apokalypsa. I know , this is not very profesional work, but i am not expert in C++ /emoticons/default_cool.png

bad patch files…

also, sql comments should use only 2 - with a space after not 3. Read the trinitycore coding standards. >_>

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