Custom Quest - go and talk^^

Hello together,

I want to create a custom quest. But I don’t know how to script this.

I have got 2 NPC’s → NPC-1 & NPC-2

You should take Quest-1 by NPC-1. With this Quest, you have to go to NPC-2 and talk with him.

When you arrived NPC-2 the quest-1 should be completed.

How can I solve this with SAI?

Thx in advance

Greetings Angarius

I don’t quite understand… but if you mean you’d complete the quest by talking to NPC-2 all you need to do is link the quests together with: creature_questrelation & creature_involvedrelation. No SAI needed.

Create a normal quest template, write the texts you want, rewards, no requirements and set method = 0 (auto complete)

When player accepts quest it gets completed (but it requires the player to go to 2nd npc to turn it in)